10 ‘Poorest’ Members of Congress Owe Big

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By Andrew Prokop and Anand Katakam Dec 1, 2014, 10:10am EST. We've mapped out the poorest member of Congress from each state, according to their estimates.. The main reason for this is that members of Congress do not have to. Alcee Hastings (D-FL), who still owes legal bills from a scandal.

Huey Pierce Long Jr. (August 30, 1893 – September 10, 1935), nicknamed "The Kingfish", was. As the political leader of Louisiana, he commanded wide networks of.. He often said proudly that he never took a case against a poor man, and he.. Opponents in the legislature, led by freshman lawmakers Cecil Morgan of.

To avoid a runoff and win outright, Morales would have needed to get 50% of the votes plus one or have 40% and finish 10.

50 Poorest Members of Congress. By David Sim On 4/10/18 at 10:55 AM EDT. Strictly speaking, none of the lawmakers could be called "poor," but some have.

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Roll Call's Wealth of Congress Index takes a deep dive into the finances of the 50 richest members of Congress, as well as the 10 "poorest," by condensing. Unusual, but Profitable, Financial Portfolio · 'Poorest' Members of Congress Owe Big.

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At a time when Boeing is in Congress. family members behind him, underscored his contrition and dedication to safety while also batting aside requests that he back changes to the Federal Aviation.

Of all the members of Congress, Valadao is the poorest. His net worth is based on assets of $2 million and $19.5 million in liabilities. Also a dairy farmer, his assets include a $2 million stake in the family farm, according to his 2016 financial disclosure report, which was posted on OpenSecrets.org.

Ten members of the delegation reported owning at least $2.4 million worth. since lawmakers can report assets using wide ranges instead of.