Alleged Bogus Cryptocurrency And Marijuana Trading Operation Hit By Regulator

A bill to establish a system for legalized, recreational marijuana in Connecticut has passed a legislative committee for the first time. The effort gained some added momentum this year because Massachusetts is on the verge of having a regulated, legal recreational marijuana system in place making it easy for Connecticut residents to partake.

Just days after it stumbled badly in its handling of a series of 4G LTE network failures, Verizon Wireless has hastily abandoned an ill-conceived "convenience" fee of $2 for some customers paying.

 · A bogus startup offering 8% weekly returns on cryptocurrency and medical marijuana was hit by the Texas State Securities Board yesterday, in another move by against crypto-related financial crimes by U.S. regulators. The Board filed a cease-and-desist order (CDO) against Mark Moncher for allegedly trying to sell unregistered securities through his “Financial Freedom Club,” also.

FHFA Proposes Rule On Underserved Markets

SEC Cracking Down on ‘Shell’ Trading.. federal regulators temporarily suspended trading in 26 stocks Tuesday, because the companies failed to file periodic financial statements.. Some of the.

Below, we examine the evolving regulatory and litigation landscape for ICOs and suggest where regulators and plaintiffs’ lawyers may be heading. ICOs are a novel method of crowdfunding the development.

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Inspector General Finds No Progress The latest Inspector General report on the status of “Operation Freedom’s Sentinel,” issued Feb. 18, declares that U.S. and Afghan government forces made no.

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17 Weed-Oriented Coins With High Expectations Cryptocurrency and cannabis industries have grown to be very close in recent years. These days, investors can use cryptocurrencies backed by cannabis. Crypto Token and marijuana stock investors, Here’s 17 Cannabis Coins With high expectations. cryptocurrency trading 101: How to Trade Bitcoin.

The SEC recently compared cryptocurrencies to cannabis and attached an investor warning alert. Here is a perfectly good reason as to what they are hinting at all the way through. cannabis stocks Surging On News Of CBD-Infused Drinks as Canada Prepares to Legalize Nationwide On October 17

Why Cannabis and Cryptocurrency Have Yet to Hit It Off. "I haven’t seen one actual dispensary or marijuana company use one of these marijuana cryptocurrencies to store their money or.