Face Book Patents

Today, Facebook holds more than 7,500 patents and 360 Design Registrations. However, only 23 of the patents date back to 2004. And, of this handful of patents, the first was bought by Facebook in 2010. The surprising truth is that Facebook had no patents when it started – not even a Patent Pending Number!

BlackBerry is suing Facebook for patent infringement, alleging many of the features of Facebook's messaging services infringe on BlackBerry.

UPDATE: June 8, 2017, 2:01 p.m. EDT This article has been updated to include a statement by a Facebook spokesperson about its pursuit of patents. Social media has been known to mess with our.

The substance was initially developed by agro giant Monsanto, which later sold the patent to Germany-based Bayer AG in a 2018.

Facebook has filed patents in the past that try to analyze almost every aspect of a user’s life, including where you are, whether you’re surprised or bored, how much sleep you get, your political.

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The USPTO patent assignee database reveals that than 500 patents (512) came to Facebook direct from AOL with the last week. Of course this one vanity patent won’t provide the firepower of the huge.

Other patents. Facebook has been working on various other technologies that aim to monitor and analyze emotions and thus develop algorithms that would allow the company to get more personal with its users. Case in point, Facebook has listed another patent which belongs to a certain messaging technology.

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The EASIEST Way To Check For Patents And Trademarks On A Product | Product Research Series E5 Facebook Patents Facebook, Inc. operates a social media website and mobile app that enables people to connect, share and discover opinions, ideas, photos and videos. The company also owns Instagram, a mobile application for sharing photos and videos, as well as WhatsApp, a mobile messaging application.

Robert Van Nest, Matthew Werdegar, Gene Paige and Matthias Kamber defended Google against trade secret misappropriation and.

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In March of this year, Facebook was awarded a patent titled Switchable fluidic device. The patent describes a glove with " soft materials that use millimeter or smaller channels filled with fluid.

The patent shows a decision tree that collects data points on a user's education level, travel history, the number of devices they own,