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Scientists are planning a ‘self-repairing city’ that would have its facilities maintained by an army of automatic drones. Researchers at the University. project and said his aim is ‘to make Leeds.

Facebook has quietly announced that it will no longer be continuing with its Aquila project, a giant drone designed to fly at high altitude and beam down internet connectivity to remote areas.

The search for Bickford resumed Friday morning with K-9 officers, drones with heat-sensing capabilities, Maine State Police and Maine Warden Service’s planes, and the Maine Forest Service’s helicopter.

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Facebook has made no bones about wanting to blanket the planet with Internet connectivity, and it’s developed a huge, solar-powered aircraft to help it do so. The unmanned aircraft, called.

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Facebook’s solar-powered drone makes first full test flight. of Aquila made its first official flight on. shorter than the two months that Facebook plans to fly the drones in their final.

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Aquila’s First Flight. Facebook is the first company to fly drones at such high altitudes. Because of this, they’ve assigned a team to discuss their flight guidelines with policymakers. Aquila is not able to rise to its cruising altitude on its own-it needs other means, such as helium balloons, to be launched.