Game of Thrones keeps its title as most pirated TV show for 2013

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Game of Thrones keeps its title as most pirated TV show for 2013 Game of Thrones – Game Of Thrones finale: jon snow dies kit harington. | Discussions, debates, videos and photos of what Singapore is talking about.Game of Thrones – Game Of Thrones Finale: Jon Snow Dies Kit Harington..

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Game of Thrones | Wikipedia audio article Game of Thrones keeps its title as most pirated TV show for 2013 You know who Cruz is. Republican Senator. Tea Partyer. One of the people most responsible for shutting down the federal government, threatening to default on the national debt, and holding the entire.

In the least surprising news of 2015, Game of Thrones has once again taken the crown for "Most Pirated Show" of the year. This is the fourth year in a row the show has taken the "honor" of.

Game of Thrones keeps its title as most pirated TV show for 2013 It’s no surprise that Thrones is also the world’s most-pirated show (hey, not everyone can borrow an HBO Go login every Sunday) and MUSO, a market tracking company, recently reported that season 7 piracy numbers totaled more than 1 billion as of September 3 – the highest piracy numbers ever recorded for the show.

For the third straight year, Game of Thrones was once again the most-downloaded TV show on illegal file-sharing torrent sites around the world, with more people downloading the finale episode of.

Millions pirate Game of Thrones shortly after release. making it extraordinarily easy to pirate the show.. six hasn’t broken the record for most people simultaneously sharing a copy of a TV.

The annual list of the television’s most pirated series has finally arrived, and for the third time in a row HBO’s Game of Thrones leads the pirated pack.. And the Most Pirated TV Show of 2014.

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