Palm Beach County Gastroenterologist Pleads Guilty to Filing False Tax Returns

 · Adean Wells pleaded guilty to filing false individual income tax returns (IRS Forms 1040) for tax years 2006 and 2007. According to admissions made in court, Wells, a retired federal employee, failed to report approximately $900,000 in consulting income she earned during the prosecution years.

A grand jury returns with a single charge of solicitation of prostitution. August 2006 – Epstein pleads not guilty to the charge of solicitation. which deferred to the Palm Beach County State.

Palm Beach County resident Krishna Tripuraneni pleaded guilty Wednesday to filing corporate and personal income tax returns missing a key component – more than $6 million over the course of four.

real estate fraud: Montana Woman Pleads Guilty to Mail and Wire Fraud – 01/13/15 07:06 PM Montana Woman Pleads Guilty to Mail and Wire Fraud Provided Closing Services for Transfers of Timeshare Units NEWPORT NEWS, VA- Julie L. Duffield, 45, of Eureka, MT, pleaded guilty yesterday to conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud.

Last week it arrived along with a dose of schadenfreude from all us who’ve paid, albeit usually grudgingly, our taxes over the years. On Friday, June 21, Virginia tax attorney-turned-lobbyist James F. Miller pleaded guilty to willfully filing a false tax return. And Miller wasn’t just any National Capital area tax.

Epstein pleaded guilty to two. a review of tax returns shows. The Bruce and Marsha Moskowitz Foundation received $100,000 in 2016 and $50,000 in 2017, Gratitude America Ltd.’s filings state. Bruce.

Palm Beach County Gastroenterologist Sentenced for His Role in an Income Tax Fraud Scheme. Tripuraneni received income in the form of direct compensation, distributions, and corporate funds and used these payments to cover personal expenditures. This resulted in the filing of false corporate and personal tax returns by Tripuraneni.

Palm Beach County resident and licensed physician in the State of Florida specializing in gastroenterology pled guilty today to filing corporate and personal income tax returns in which his income.

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 · At all relevant times, Dawson was a Florida State Senator representing portions of Broward and Palm Beach Counties. In particular, during three years in which Dawson served as a state senator, Dawson failed to file any federal income tax returns and failed to pay at least $29,000 in federal income taxes, excluding penalties and interest.

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