Papamoka Straight Talk: Obama, Geithner, and Olbermann Tag Team GOP

Obama talks the talk of Foreign Affairs; The inconvenient truth about Gore; If a Network Anchor falls in the forest and no one hears him, is he still biased? Iran Photoshopped its missile tests: AFP ‘What’s Spanish for Hypocrite?’ What is Bill Clinton’s Problem? Obama’s Voting Record Complicates His Shift to Political Center

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Posts about politics written by jakeho. Believe it or not: Reagan’s Interior Secretary James Watt! Last night on Countdown, incredibly, MSNBC’s top dog Keith Olbermann cited Watt approvingly in his advice for President Obama to "be Obama" and "to stand up" to the "perpetual fraud machine that is Fox News" who "assassinated" Shirley Sherrod with their "complete perversion.

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The Frustrated Teacher Education, NCLB, Politics, and humor. pages. home;. or choices narrowed down. I am even going to try to talk to mom’s sister, my aunt, who is really old and crazy. It will be fun, and probably informative.. tag team Edition. By Unknown at 10/21/2010 11:33:00 AM Links.

Although I’m thrilled that President Obama is now writing for our Op-Ed page. This has been somewhat lost in the shuffle of the news. The transition team flagged some undocumented charitable.

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I expect and demand that any news organization present the news straight and without bias. I expect more from MSNBC but then again, this is the same organization that employs the likes of Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann so one has to wonder if they truly are interested in presenting the news in an honest manner.

The selection of Barack Obama is an historical mistake which will continue to unravel the Dimocratic Party for generations. Only now are honest Democrats beginning to assess the damage done. "Mistake In ’08" is the first installment in a multi-part series which will detail how big a mistake was self-inflicted by Democrats in 2008. Item 10.

Papamoka straight talk: obama, Geithner, and Olbermann tag team gop zandar Versus The stupid: july 2012 – On Wednesday, the tag team of Emanuel and Moreno joined the chorus, citing Cathy’s anti-gay views.Yes, Chicago, Dan Cathy is a homophobe, a bigot, and an unapologetic assclown.

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