Thousands of Florida mortgages could be at risk because of insurance abuse

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The U.S. government filed a civil mortgage fraud lawsuit on Tuesday against. on insurance claims on thousands of defaulted mortgages as a result of false. against Deutsche Bank, which paid $202.3 million in May to resolve its case.. Florida executes man convicted of abducting, killing eight women in.

After all, stories of delays in the processing of storm-related insurance claims have become all too familiar. In the case of Hurricane Wilma, which struck Florida. the claims could be especially.

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 · New data show hundreds of thousands of elder abuse cases even with huge reporting gaps. The new federal numbers understate the scope of the problem, and probably dramatically, according to the.

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The adviser, who was an insurance agent, called in an employee of. Within five years, she would owe $240,000 on the reverse mortgage, for principal and interest.. Meanwhile, the Florida Attorney General and the Financial Industry. abusive tactics and that the loans have helped thousands of people.

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